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Vaginismus in Women is a medical condition where there is the unconscious tightness of the vagina occurs while attempting an intercourse. The best sexologists in Bhopal states that the tightness is generally caused due to the involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. Thus, a woman is unable to direct or control the tightness of the vagina occurring due to an involuntary pelvic response. In some cases, she is not even aware that the response of pelvic muscles is actually the influencing factor for causing the tightness during the intercourse that is leading to penetration problem.  In some cases, Vaginismus in women can cause burning sensation, pain, or sting in the genital area during the sexual intercourse. Whereas, in other cases, sexual stimulation can be difficult or absolutely impossible because the tightness is so restrictive that the partner is unable to insert his dick into the vagina.

Types of Vaginismus in Women

Vaginismus in Women is a common foundation of enduring sexual pain and unfortunately, is also considered as the primary female cause of sexless marriages. Moreover, pain during intercourse can affect a woman at any age when she is sexually active.

What causes Vaginismus in Women?

Till yet, no exact medical evidence has been found for Vaginismus, but, still, the sexual dysfunction is assumed to be associated with past sexual abuses or traumas, emotional factors, and poor sexual experiences. However, the sex doctor would do a physical exam and check your medical and sexual history to treat the condition.