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Depression can take you out of energy and hopes, making you feel completely hollow and helpless. Sexual depression in Women is complicated by several factors starting from reproductive hormones and social pressures to the ultimate female response to stress.  While depression can hinder every area of life including the social life, physical health, relationships, self-confidence, and career, it becomes necessary to evaluate the symptoms and take steps to cure them.

Symptoms of sexual depression in Women:

According to the top sex doctor, a woman is likely to experience sexual depression anytime:

As a matter of fact, it is not just the depression that interferes a woman’s sexual life, but, certain antidepressants prescribed for the sexual depression treatment can leave adverse effects on a woman’s overall health and the most common culprits are:

Keeping the side-effects into consideration, the top sexologist in Bhopal suggests following some steps in order to come out of the sexual depression in women and improve overall sexual health: