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Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common condition among men where they reach the orgasm early before or during the sexual intercourse. A man with this specific condition experiences the following signs and symptoms:

The influencing factors of PE can be psychological or biological or both. In rare cases, it also occurs due to the over-sensitive skin of the penis, hyperactive reflexes, irregular sexual intercourse, and/or extreme arousal. Other factors may also include guilt, genetics, performance anxiety, fear, infection of the prostate or urethra, and excessive drug addiction.

Methods to overcome premature ejaculation:

PE is a condition which no man wants to experience, but, unfortunately, almost every man has experienced it at some point of their life. Therefore, below are some practical methods mentioned that will help a man to overcome from this frustrating health condition.

Pelvic floor muscle training – this is the most practical method to fight PE, says the best sexologist in Bhopal. The pelvic muscles support and control the penis stimulation and thus, have the ability to short-circuit PE when they are actively engaged. Pelvic muscles get weaker with the growing age, therefore, pelvic muscle exercise is the best option to strengthen the muscles.

Down tempo – this technique involves slowing the pace of pelvic driving the depth of penetration before the “point of no return”. According to the best sex doctor in Bhopal, the technique can work effectively if done in conjunction with engaging the pelvic muscles.

Pause-start method – to extend the ejaculation duration, follow the pause-start method, where a man needs to stop propelling completely to maintain penetration in order to let go the ejaculatory urgency; once the sensation subsides, pelvic thrusting can be resumed.

Squeeze technique – the technique involves withdrawing the dick and squeezing the head of it until the feeling of premature ejaculation passes so that the intercourse can be resumed.

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