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Most men are unhappy with their dick size and look for the remedies of the penis enlargement. This is because their penis size is the foundation of sexual satisfaction for a lot of men. However, those who don’t discuss the matter openly may found it baseless, but, guys discussing openly may agree that they also desired to have an enlarged penis size than they are currently having. Despite the growing frankness in the way we approach sex and the related concerns, there are quite some people who are poorly educated about sexuality. For the majority of men, the very common concern is that whether they need a penis enlargement in Bhopal due to their incorrect dick size or should look for alternative remedies for it. The brands claiming their products as the best source for penis enlargement are just not at all fruitful and in some cases, the products might lead to infertility in men. Therefore, it is best to consult the doctor first and get the prescribed treatment.

Is there any correlation between a man’s height and dick size?

Well, this query just falls right into the sexology myths. To clear the doubt, ask yourself, does your shoe differ as you are below the average height? A scientific study concludes that there is no correlation between a man’s height and his penis size.

What does your partner feels for the dick size?

According to a survey report, more than half of women are not concerned about the penis size; instead, it is the width that sexually stimulates them. A broader penis could theoretically provide superior clitoral stimulation during the sexual intercourse, as well as the external, most sensitive areas of the vagina.

What exactly is the average size?

Based on the report of a survey conducted over 15000 men, it is concluded that the average dick size ranges about 5.2 inches, fully erect. However, there are some unfortunate guys, who don’t fall into this category and may look for penis enlargement remedies to reach the average dick size.

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