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Sex should be a pleasurable experience and not a painful event. Pain during Intercourse in Women is a common condition; though some male takes it as a reward because they feel that the pain is due to their peak level of satisfaction. However, this is not true. Moaning is a completely different thing from what the actual pain is experienced. There can be several factors for causing pain during intercourse from simple friction to a vaginal dryness. Here the most common factors that cause painful intercourse in women:

Vaginal dryness – The Bartholin glands in a woman produces extra moisture that works as a natural lubricant during the intercourse, but, if the body is unable to produce sufficient moisture, it is called vaginal dryness, a condition where the muscles of the vagina are compressed tightly when sexual penetration is attempted.

Lack of sexual arousal – When a woman is sexually aroused, the glands produce extra lubrication to enjoy the pleasurable intercourse. However, if a woman is not completely aroused sexually, she is likely to experience pain during intercourse due to rough friction. Hence, it is advised to have extended foreplay session for longer intercourse.

Menopause – A survey report states that it is common to experience pain during intercourse in women after the menopause. Around 85% of women admitted that they experienced vaginal dryness and painful intercourse after the menopause. This is because certain changes like the blood supply, elasticity, support, sensitivity, lubrication, and responsiveness of the vagina occur post-menopause. Such changes result in discomfort during the intercourse mainly due to the lack of estrogen hormone causing vaginal thinning and dryness.

Breastfeeding – During and after pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through several hormonal imbalances. Breastfeeding brings down the level of estrogen hormone that causes dryness in the vagina. This condition can be mended by applying and rubbing some estrogen-containing lubricant or cream to nourish the vagina again.

Forceful intercourse – This is one of the poor experiences a woman can have. Pain during intercourse in women is common if they are forcefully brought into the intercourse, for example, rape.