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Night fall is a condition where a man releases the semen unwillingly during the sleep. When a boy reaches the age of adolescence, many hormonal changes in the body takes place and the sex hormones also grow in the body. They have very high sexual desires during this phase and as a result of which they start masturbating to stimulate their desires. They also get seducing dreams, due to which they suffer from involuntary ejaculation. Therefore, night fall is a result of a state of intense arousal of sexual stimulation in men in their subconscious mind resulting into an uncontrolled ejaculation of semen. Hence, it is a common condition among the adolescent males, but, can occur at any age. It is conceivable to get up when a person is having arousal dreams when they are asleep.

There can be several factors that can trigger the condition of night fall. Modern lifestyle itself has several distracting factors like easy access to pornography and internet. Such distractions indicate a misleading path of sexual desires by triggering wrong notions about sex. Frequent access to pornography can lead to a lot of problems. Openly speaking about sex is a social taboo which leads to several misconceptions. It is important that the adolescents should get the right set of information through the trusted source like parents and teachers so that they can get answers to all their sexual queries. Adolescence is the right age to pour sex education to the boys because this is the age when they are most curious to explore the sex topic and when they don’t get the right direction, they take help of misleading sources like pornography, which then become a cause of night fall in men.

However, there are certain myths related to the night fall such as:

Hence, night fall is just a common condition that can be easily cured by practicing regular exercise.

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