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In a society where sex, nudity and desire have become commonly talked about and displayed, no one feel comfortable when it is a talk of masturbation especially female feel uncomfortable while talking about masturbation. But the fact is women masturbate, but not as often as men do.

Self-pleasuring is not limited to only men, it is also very common in women. It rewires your brain so that your libido rises. The more sex you have the more sex you fancy it because a person’s brain thinks of it more often if s of sex more often and sex arousal starts in the brain.

Why Women Masturbate?

According to many surveys, women masturbate to either relieve stress, or when she is bored she masturbates. Many women masturbate to fall asleep. Some women continue to masturbate because being in a relationship doesn’t affect their masturbation habits.

The small percentages of women who don’t masturbate state these reasons:

How masturbation is good for your body and mind?

According to sexologist in Bhopal, masturbation definitely has physical, mental and emotional benefits. For women, masturbation is a good way to explore the intimate area, desire and pleasure.

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