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A woman’s sexual desire fluctuates during different phases of her life like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause. Loss of libido in Women is a common condition during these phases, but, if the problem persists, then it is a matter of concern. Some antidepressants and anti-seizure prescribed medicines can also trigger low sex drive in women. There is a range of physical and psychological factors that can work as crucial aspects for triggering lack of sexual desire in females.

Physical causes may include:

Psychological causes may involve:

As there can be several underlying factors and both the partners experience the loss of libido in female partner, then it can be an indication that she has lost interest in having an intercourse. But, to overcome such a condition, there are certain sensual methods to let your lady arouse sexually once again, says the best sexologist.

Another major concern of loss of libido in women is lack of communication. Couples just get busy with their lives and work pressure and fail to communicate openly about what actually they are expecting from their partner. Unmet sexual desires can lead to loss of interest in the intercourse. Hence, it is advised to openly share the sexual fantasies with the partner and let them know what you like the most when you both are intimating. Everyone has different sexual desires or fantasies, so just let your partner know what’s yours. This will surely help to overcome loss of libido in women.

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