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Lack of Orgasm in Women is a common condition, which is known as orgasmic dysfunction that occurs when a woman experience difficulty in reaching orgasm even after a stimulating sexual intercourse. The condition can occur even if a woman was sexually aroused. Orgasmic disorders in women are predominantly enthralling because orgasm in females is so variable and there is no particular average of the duration and stimulation to reach orgasm. Some woman just relies upon a minimum of stimulation, whereas, others just demand concentrated and long-lasting stimulation to reach the climax. Even though there is no average time to reach orgasm, the best gynecologist had short-listed the surprising factors that promote lack of orgasm in Women.

Long hours sitting job – In a survey conducted over working women, surprising results have come out with a conclusion that long hours of sitting job can actually be an influencing factor of orgasmic dysfunction due to shortening of pelvic muscles. However, in some cases, the symptoms can be observed right after a few months of sitting job, whereas, in other cases, the symptoms may take years to develop. Thus, to keep yourself in a safe zone, it is advised to take a break in every hour and stretch the muscles with moves like back bends, butterfly stretches, and squats.

High heels – You may argue over this point stating that you are completely comfortable wearing high heels, but, what about your muscles? Are they comfortable? Wearing high heels for more than an hour can leave detrimental and deforming effects on the pelvic as well as psoas muscles that are linked with nerves and muscles leading to the pelvic floor and genitalia. The best sexologist in Bhopal throws light over the concern and explains that if the psoas muscles become sticky and tense, it can lead to lack of orgasm in Women even after a stimulating sexual intercourse.

Not masturbating often enough – If you don’t pleasure yourself, how would your partner can? A woman can stimulate herself and find what pleasures her the most, so that, she can help her partner know the right directions.

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