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It’s common to sometimes feel not interested and quitting the intercourse, but, frequent sensations can be a result of lack of enjoyment during intercourse. Everyone has a different level of sexual desires and there can be phases when a woman completely feels not aroused sexually. But, frequent denies making an intercourse can be a serious matter of concern. There can be certain factors that can trigger lack of pleasure during intercourse.

Poor communication – As mentioned, everyone has a different level of sexual desires and the most important part is that the partner should be aware those desires. Remember, the relationship is of you two and both should take the initiative to understand what the other one is expecting. In a bedroom, even a little guidance can lit the spark. However, if you are not comfortable expressing verbally, try sign languages and other alternative methods to let your partner know what you desire to have in the bed.

Birth control – It’s an ironic fact that birth control pills can actually bind the sexual desire in a woman. Birth control pills increase the amount of sex-hormone binding globulin that drags free testosterone and if it’s not freed, you suffer lack of enjoyment during intercourse.

Poor body appearance – Sex is all about feeling good and confident and what if you are not confident enough about your own body appearance? Every woman is beautiful despite their physical appearance. If you feel you are too thin or too fatty and the partner will not get attracted towards you physically, then just wait, it’s time to try some methods to boost your own confidence first. Stand nude in front of the mirror and explore every part of the body, yes every part. Also, try some stylish lingeries to let your partner go crazy for you tonight.

Lack of lubrication – When the pain is painful, it triggers the lack of enjoyment during intercourse and the most common factor leading to painful intercourse is the lack of lubrication. Try using coconut oil as a natural lubricant or give some more time to foreplay to let your lady get wet.