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Erectile Dysfunction is the condition in which a man fails to achieve or maintain an erection to establish the sexual intercourse. This is common if occurs occasionally, but, it can be termed as impotence if it is regular. The inability to maintain a firm erection can actually affect the bond of the relationship because unsatisfied sexual desires push a person into the misery where they become frustrated and start conflicting with the partner. Therefore, if the condition is regular, it is better to consult a sexologist for the erectile dysfunction treatment in Bhopal to get the spark of love lit once again. ED occurs when not sufficient blood flows to the penis which can be due to certain health conditions or damaged nerves which need to be treated as soon they are observed.

How erection occurs?

When a man is not sexually provoked, the penis remains soft and limp. But, when a man is seduced, the nerve messages release specific chemicals that increase blood flow to the penis. The blood flows into two chambers of erection that are made of spongy tissue in the penis (known as the corpus cavernosum). The smooth muscles in the erection chambers then relax and allow the blood flow to enter and remain in the chambers to keep an erection firm during the intercourse. Once a man reaches the orgasm and ejaculates, the blood flows out of the erection chambers and the penis again becomes soft and limp.

However, erectile dysfunction treatment may include prescribed medication and vacuum pumps; and implants and surgery in some rare cases.

Prescribed medications – ED conditions can push the couple into stress and anxiety, but, fortunately, there are several medicines founded to treat ED like PDE5 inhibitors, penile suppositories, Yohimbe, and hormone replacement therapy.

Vacuum pumps – vacuum pumps for erectile dysfunction are used to achieve and maintain a firm erection. The pump draws blood into the penis through air suction. It is a non-invasive solution recommended for the erectile dysfunction treatment in Bhopal to increase the ability to establish satisfying sexual intercourse.

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