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Delayed Ejaculation (DE) is a medical condition in which is unable to reach orgasm even after a prolonged sexual stimulation. DE can be an additional pleasure if the partner is able to take the stimulation longer, but, it can actually be a cause of relationship stress if the partner reaches orgasm early before a man actually ejaculates, says the best Sexologist in Bhopal. An average time to ejaculate is 30 to 45 minutes. There can be several factors contributing to the cause of DE including psychological concerns, medical conditions, mental stability, and certain drug addictions. Further, relationship stress, anger, anxiety, and poor communication can even worsen the condition.

How is delayed ejaculation treated?

A physical examination of a patient is conducted to determine the symptoms required to make an initial diagnosis. Blood tests and urine tests might be suggested if chronic health conditions are suspected for the underlying cause. After inspecting the accurate underlying condition, top sexologist in Bhopal recommends the best treatment to let the patient overcome from such stressful condition. If left untreated, the condition can lead to severe complications such as:

In some cases, masturbation is also a factor contributing to delayed ejaculation. Because a man might have adopted masturbation technique that involves intense friction, pressure, and speed that the partner fails to reach that level of sexual stimulation, which ultimately causes DE.

However, delayed ejaculation should not be considered as the health issue just with a man, but, both the partners should engage in the treatment to address the problem because ejaculatory dysfunction is perceived always as a couple’s issue. As the problem is for both the partners, both should work in a team to overcome the condition. Sexual intimacy is always linked to the emotional connect and during any such circumstance, a man too needs care and support from his partner. Going under the delayed ejaculation treatment with stressful mind will going to take the problem nowhere. Hence, pour extra love and care to your man during such circumstances.