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Sexuality is a secret and most sensitive aspect of every individual’s personality. Most of us never open up about sexual problems just because of shyness. Anyone can suffer from it in his/her childhood, adolescence, youth, or at elder age. More often, people with sexual issues have low self-esteem & low self-respect and because of this, they sometimes cannot give their 100% to their job and business. So, it is always suggested for men and women to talk about the sex diseases and disorders to a sexologist and live the rest of the life with pleasure.  

Sameer Dispensary’s Sex counseling and therapy includes comprehensive assessment of patients and identifying root cause of a sexual dysfunction. At our clinic each patient is dealt in a confidential and comfortable atmosphere. We are having more than 20 years of experience as a sexologist in Bhopal. Our patients not come from Bhopal only, but from Vidisha, Bina, Ganjbasoda, Raisen, Sehore, Obedullaganj, Mandideep, Sagar, Itarsi, Hoshangabad etc.  There are many couples, individuals who visit to Dr. Sameer for sexual treatment in Bhopal.

We are expert in treating:

So, do not allow sexual problems to ruin your life.  Get help from a qualified sexologist, who can give you the best solution for your life!